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Sunday, 1 March 2015

How to Style a Petite Frame!

Hello Chicas,

Today's post is about how to style a petite frame which is characterized by short and slim body type. I'm myself 5''2' but I don't believe in stereotype dressing where you are supposed to stick to a particular type of clothing meant for short people. I mean, don't you hate it when you are frowned upon on buying a maxi dress or skirt and all the 'gyans' you hear on how it is not meant for short people. If you are one of them who like to experiment and try new trends and love to break the rules read on the tips and tricks below:

High-Waist Styles

Nothing works better than high-waist clothing for short people, whether it's a high rise denim or a skirt, so stock it up girls! Skirt or denim starting from high waist gives an illusion of longer legs and thus making you look taller. In the pics below I am sporting dungaree skirts, one in floral print and the other one in denim. I'm not into flat shoes at all, I just can't concentrate in flats. :D However, in this particular shoot for plaid and denim look, I wore these yellow flat booties, but as you can see the high waist skirt did the trick and made me look taller without any help of high heels!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Plaid And Denim

Hello Chicas,

I am really excited today to share my first outfit post on my very own blog.
Plaid has been one of the most celebrated trends during fall and was huge during the 90’s and now it’s back with a bang. Celebrities  across the world from Taylor Swift to our very own b-town beauty Sonakshi Sinha has been spotted rocking this trend. There are numerous ways to wear plaid from flirty pleated skirts to shirts for a more grunge look. One of the most common ways to style a plaid shirt is tying it around your waist. Well that also helps in hiding cellulite, remember Sonakshi in "keeda" and "desi kalakar" songs where she smartly tied the plaid shirt around her waist to camouflage those thunder thighs. 

I have paired a warm plaid flannel shirt with a high waist denim skirt. Now this acid wash denim skirt comes with suspenders which makes it a denim overall outfit. The best part about the skirt is that the suspenders are detachable and hence can be styled in various ways. 

There was not much room to accessorize so I have just added a studded envelope clutch which happens to be the most abused purse in my wardrobe. And yellow suede booties to add a pop of color. Another fun part about dressing up in winters are hats. From bowler's hat to berets, these pieces are a staple in one's winter wardrobe. And that's how I finished my look by adding a warm bowler's hat.