Monday, 24 July 2017

We all scream ice-cream at I Scream Co.

Hello Chicas,

For those of you who follow me on Instagram closely you must be aware of the fact of my love for desserts. So, I was particularly elated when I was invited by the I Scream Co. team for a tasting session. Located on Justice Chandra Madhav Road, the place is small but has been done in a very quirky fashion. The walls are painted beautifully with colorful animated dragons relishing ice-creams and I don't think the interior of an ice-cream parlor can get any cuter than this.

The menu has been curated and designed by Shawn Kenworthy and boasts of 36 ice-cream flavors, 6 different types of sorbets, mocktails, milkshakes and some exclusive dessert with over a dozen of toppings to choose from. Following the liquid nitrogen trend in the city, I-Scream Co. has also come up with an array of innovative flavors using the liquid nitrogen, which makes the texture of the ice-cream extremely smooth and creamy.

I was so confused looking at the bazillion options and after spotting Nutella on the menu, I settled for Warm Chocolatty Nutella Crunch Brownie from their exclusive dessert menu. This dessert is basically a warm chocolate brownie topped with Nutella ice-cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and some chocolate butterscotch to add a little crunch. The dessert was absolutely lip-smacking and I really love the fact that it wasn't very sweet, so you can definitely gorge on some more of their unique flavors. The above mentioned dessert is priced at INR 240. Next came in the Dragon Shots, flavored popcorn cooled with liquid nitrogen, which, when you bite into them, makes you breathe smoke out of your mouth like a dragon, how cool is that? I think this one is certainly going to be the talk of the town. Dragon Shots are currently available in chocolate and caramel and is priced at INR 130. Lastly, I couldn't resist from trying out the sorbet, this time I went with the strawberry flavor. The strawberry sorbet was colorful and very fresh with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. The sorbet too was priced at INR 130.

I had a truly amazing time at I-scream Co. I enjoyed all the deserts, the ice-creams were very creamy with a mild sweetness and I was very surprised to see the variety of unique flavors available. This place is a gem for dessert freaks like me, I'm so glad that such innovative dessert joints are coming up in Kolkata. I cannot wait to visit this place again and would highly recommend you'll to visit I Scream Co. the soonest.

Location: 41, Justice Chandra Madhav Road, Bhawanipur, Kolkata
Opening Hours: 2 pm to 1:30 am
Pocket Pinch: INR 300 for two people

Picture Courtesy: Jyotika Baijal

The quirky logo!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream in the making

Warm Chocolatty Nutella Crunch Brownie

Yummy Toppings

Quirky Dragon Walls

Chocolate sauce on my Warm Chocolatty Nutella Crunch Brownie

Warm Chocolatty Nutella Crunch Brownie in the making

Warm Chocolatty Nutella Crunch Brownie

Dragon Shots

Dragon Shots

Strawberry Sorbet

I-Scream Co.

Hope you all enjoyed going through the post.
You know where to drop in to satiate your sweet cravings at wee hours.

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