Saturday, 31 December 2016

Adieu 2016

Hello Chicas,

I have been missing in action for quite a while now. The reason behind it is a month full of chaos. Firstly, I had small pox, thanks to my elder brother who flew back from Bangalore with chicken pox and the moment he left all fit and fine, I caught the virus from him. After that, I was busy with my first semester examination for another couple of weeks. Thankfully, it went pretty well and since then I had just been lazing around until last Monday when I finally joined a gym. It feels amazing to be back to the daily workout regime. Not only it's the best way to stay fit, but also a great stress buster for me. 

In today's post, I am sharing a special new year's eve outfit inspiration. But, before talking about the look I would like to thank my each and every reader for all the love and support. 2016 has been a great year for me, from getting the opportunity to work with amazing people to join the most coveted fashion college in India, NIFT. And all of this wouldn't have been possible without the support of my wonderful parents and my elder brother, they have always believed in my dreams and stood by me through thick and thin.

Coming to the new year's eve look, I have incorporated my favorite trend of the year, metallics. With the holiday season and endless parties in full swing, all of us want to look our best and the trendiest and metallic is one such trend one just can't go wrong with. I am wearing a mauve metallic midi skirt with accordion pleats. The soft color of the skirt with the metallic sheen makes for an amazing combination for party hopping in style. I have paired the skirt with a black one shoulder top which has this peek-a-boo sleeve. Keeping in mind the evening look, I have made the outfit more dressy by teaming up the skirt with a silk blouse and adding a silver spherical purse and a pair of black pumps. However, there are a numerous ways of styling a metallic skirt. For a casual day outing, one can pair it with an over-sized sweater and sneakers whereas a crisp white shirt with a statement necklace would be perfect for a more formal look. I have kept the accessories minimal with a bronze bracelet come watch and pearl earrings. Side swept hair with a red pout completed this glamorous party ready look.

Picture Courtesy: Jyotika Baijal