Sunday, 1 March 2015

How to Style a Petite Frame!

Hello Chicas,

Today's post is about how to style a petite frame which is characterized by short and slim body type. I'm myself 5''2' but I don't believe in stereotype dressing where you are supposed to stick to a particular type of clothing meant for short people. I mean, don't you hate it when you are frowned upon on buying a maxi dress or skirt and all the 'gyans' you hear on how it is not meant for short people. If you are one of them who like to experiment and try new trends and love to break the rules read on the tips and tricks below:

High-Waist Styles

Nothing works better than high-waist clothing for short people, whether it's a high rise denim or a skirt, so stock it up girls! Skirt or denim starting from high waist gives an illusion of longer legs and thus making you look taller. In the pics below I am sporting dungaree skirts, one in floral print and the other one in denim. I'm not into flat shoes at all, I just can't concentrate in flats. :D However, in this particular shoot for plaid and denim look, I wore these yellow flat booties, but as you can see the high waist skirt did the trick and made me look taller without any help of high heels!

Maxi-mise it!

It's a myth that maxi skirts or dresses aren't meant for short people. If worn right, it helps you to look taller. The key is to wear maxi skirts which are either fitted or column type. The ones with wide pleats and flare end should be avoided. Also opt for a well fitted top or a crop top. Remember, it's all about working your proportions right.

Go Monochrome 

Dressing up in a single color from head to toe is another strategy to create a taller image by elongating your silhouette. Wearing a pant suit or a maxi dress in a single color are the chicest way to work this trend.

The Right Pants

Ankle length pants or cropped pants are a big no-no for us as it make our legs look short and plump. So avoid the cropped ones and embrace the flared ones.

Knot it up 

Another way of faking extra inches is by adding a puff or a top knot. The trick is to add volume to your hair so if you are not willing to tie it up give it a blow dry for some extra volume. This is certainly the most painless and easiest way to look taller.

Sky high heels
The most obvious way of looking taller is by investing in high heels, which can be in the form of stilettos, wedge heels, block heels as per your comfort level. Also wearing heels, which is closer to the complexion of your skin tone gives you some extra height by blending with your complexion.

Accessorize Right

Adding a thin belt and ditching those oversize bags/totes are a few ways to accessorize right. One should opt for smaller handbags instead of the over-sized ones which overshadows your body.

These are some tips on how to create an illusion of added height, but remember the most important thing to dress up with is confidence and with that one can never go wrong.
Hope you enjoyed reading the post.
Have a great week ahead you all.
Much Love. 

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