Monday, 21 August 2017

Luxury at home with My Glamm

Hello Chicas,

 If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that my last weekend was all about pampering with My Glamm. As you all know I'm pursuing my post grads as well managing my blog which leaves me with no time to visit the salon. That's when My Glamm came to the rescue. For a lazy bum like me, home salon service is a boon. And it only gets better when you get to avail beauty services from premium brands right at the comfort of your home. The My Glamm app has been recently launched in Kolkata and they are offering really amazing premium salon services.

About My Glamm:

MyGlamm offers premium salon services from basic grooming like waxing, threading, facials, manicures and pedicures to more elaborate services like bridal makeovers, nail extensions, scalp treatments & relaxing spas in the comfort of your home.
The Glamm Team provides the following luxurious services right at the comfort of your home, starting from the French L'OCCITANE Spas, to Forest Essentials and Christine Valmy facials. It has been launched by the Glamm team of the French L’Occitane Spa, New York based Warren Tricomi Salon, and the fashionable ELLE Spa & Salon, ensuring that customers get an international standard salon experience at home. They have recently started their services in Kolkata and provide a wide range of salon and spa services like beauty, hair, spa, nails and bridal makeup. You can check out all their services here. You can book their services online, or from their app or call them directly for any further assistance. I decided to get their Forest Essentials Advanced Facial done.

About the Forest Essentials Advanced Facial:

Forest essentials products are made in the Himalayas, using local labour and are 100% organic. The spring water that is used in all their products has therapeutic and regenerative qualities that are rich in mineral deposits, which makes for its unique properties. The advanced facial includes cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, blackhead removal, product penetration using ultrasound machine, 20 mins face & 10 minute back massage & pack application.

Price: INR 2999

Duration: 60 minutes

My experience with My Glamm:

The therapist, Rimpa, turned up absolutely on time which was something that I was really happy about. She was very professional and timely in imparting the services and was extremely polite. The equipment used was squeaky clean and she started off by explaining in details about the products she used along with its benefits. The process involved cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, black head removal, product application and penetration using ultrasound, half an hour of face and back massage, and ended with a pack application. Throughout the facial, with every step I could feel my skin feeling softer and a sense of calm setting in. I feel that if I can get services that I want using great brands in the same time and price as a salon, without having to spend that additional time stepping out, this is totally worth it.

 I was really satisfied with the service and would highly recommend you all to try out their Forest Essential advanced facial to get soft and smooth skin instantly. So all you need to do to get glamorous service at home is download the MyGlamm app! Just choose the service you wish to avail, select a date and time, check real time availability of artists, provide your address and you're ready to get Glammed!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Rebel Way with Max Fashion

Hello Chicas,

It's no secret that military fashion as a trend is nothing new, but the fact is that this trend keeps on updating every year, by offering us new cuts, shapes, fabrics, details and colors. Smart, sophisticated and powerful, the military trend is easy to integrate into your everyday outfits. Nowadays, army fashion is all about functionality and utility. The key elements in this trend are coats/ field jackets, tops, pants, dresses, skirts, eye-catching accessories (aviator boots, combat shoes and aviator sunglasses) and various embellishments (including leather and furs).  This trend is being seen everywhere – from street wear, to office wear, and of course, on the catwalk. It’s versatile and functional for a variety of occasions and purposes.

Coming to my outfit, I'm sporting the "Peace Army" look from Max Fashion's Pre-Autumn Collection. The military collection from Max Fashion has my heart and I had a really difficult time choosing an outfit as all of them were so amazing. From camouflage print to bold military hues, the newly launched collection has something for everyone. I picked up this shirt which can also been worn as a jacket. The quirky patchwork detailing on the shirt made it look even more fun. You can pair the shirt with a tailored pair of pants and heels for the office, and then switch to off-duty in jeans and trainers for the weekend – it will work perfectly for both. I have worn the shirt as a jacket by layering it over an ivory bodycon dress. I have paired the dress over fishnet stockings, something which I have despised all my life but I couldn't resist trying it out as they are so much in trend right now. Accessory wise, I opted for a pair of golden hoops, a grey backpack and nude block heels. A pair of clear sunglasses and boxer braids completed the look.

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Picture Courtesy: Jyotika Baijal

Saturday, 12 August 2017

A Guide to Goth Look with Max Fashion

Hello Chicas,

I hope you enjoyed going through my last fusion look from Max Fashion, if you haven't checked it out yet you can do so by clicking here. Today I'm back with yet another look featuring the newly launched Pre-Autumn collection of Max Fashion. Now today's look is something which I have read about in my college and did a couple of assignments on it, but never really got to try it on myself. So I'm really glad that Max Fashion gave me the opportunity to create a Goth look from their western collection.

To most of us Gothic fashion might sound all about black clothing and heavy makeup, but in reality there are different subsets within the goth culture, each with their own unique looks, personal tastes, and musical choices. Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogeneous features. It is worn by members of the Goth subculture. A dark, sometimes morbid fashion and style of dress, typical Gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with colored black hair, black lips and black clothes.

Goth is everything if you know how to incorporate it into your wardrobe without overdoing it. The most recognizable trait of this scene is black. Clothing is black, shoes are black, hair is black even make-up is black. However, having said that, colors do creep their way into this image. Powerful reds, alluring royal purples and emerald greens are always charming colors which accentuate and highlight curves and features. Some of the currently trending items such as fishnet stockings, velvet, lace, chokers, leather skirts and corsets forms an important part of Gothic clothing.

Coming to my look, I picked a skull print shirt which has the buttons on the back. I have paired it with a mesh tulle skirt in black. As we all know, makeup and hairdo forms an integral part of goth look and therefore I opted for dramatic smokey eyes and red lips. The space buns made the look even more edgy. I have accessorized the outfit with a pair of black combat boots and a contrasting clutch in black and yellow to break the black and white monotony.

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Picture Courtesy: Jyotika Baijal

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Banjaran Way with Max Fashion

Hello Chicas,

Max has come up with their Pre-Autumn collection and I'm totally digging their entire range. Starting from military prints to neutral hues their newly launched clothing line is to die for and screams the arrival of autumn. So when Max Fashion gave me the opportunity to create 4 looks from their Pre-Autumn collection, I was elated. I'm sharing the first look today with you all which is all about their Indo-Western collection.

I have always been a huge fan of the ethnic clothing from Max and I was super excited to create a fusion look from their collection. Their pre-autumn ethnic collection has a great variety of prints and colors ranging from Batik to thread embroidery. Embroidery is something that has been around a long time. In fact it is something that can be traced all the way back to the Iron Age of human civilization! It is believed that is was the Chinese during the Zhou Dynasty, around 1045 BC, that are credited for the more modern embroidery techniques we see today. Embroidered patterns and weaves are appearing on everything from denim jeans and jackets, to chokers, boots and those fail safe white sneakers. The embroidery trend has tons of options and today I'll be sharing a fusion look.

I have recently been wearing a lot of embroidered pieces ranging from crop tops to mini skirts. And when I came across this ivory crop top from Max with beautiful intricate embroidery in red and black I couldn't help getting my hands on it. As I wanted the embroidered crop top to be the center of attraction, I have kept the other elements of the outfit minimal by pairing it with a black palazzo and layering it with a black cape which again has this stunning embroidery. I have completed the look by adding silver jhumkis and bangles which gave a modern day banjaran feel to the look. For make-up, I opted for kohled eyes and muted lips in pink. And for the very first time I have opted for soft curls, so do let me know your thoughts on it.

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Picture Courtesy: Jyotika Baijal